Enter to win signed copy of Chasing Butterflies in the Magical garden

My friend Jorja wants to give away five copies of her book…


Dear Friends,

I have five signed paperback books, they are just sitting waiting to be read. You know the saying if you love something set it free…(Truth is, I am a book hoarder, and I need to do some giveaway’s!)

I have promotional work to do before Chasing Butterflies in the Mystical Forest is released this fall-2014.  I decided to give away five signed copies of Chasing Butterflies in the Magical Garden. It does help to have the first in the series before you purchase the second-right? All it takes to enter:

A picture of YOUR magical garden. Also you and other viewers will get to pick the top five, I will post them to this site and the voting will begin. You have until June 30, 2014 to submit your photo.

Send the picture to email address jorjao@msn.com on subject line type GARDEN ENTRY also include your mailing address as to where I need to ship the book  to with the full name of the recipient.


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2 responses to “Enter to win signed copy of Chasing Butterflies in the Magical garden

  1. You’re very welcome!

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