As any independent author will tell you…reviews are extremely valuable and important. Not because we like to be told how great we are (although that is nice), but because it is the single best type of advertising. Reviews let potential readers know what others thought of the book.

What follows are excerpts from actual Amazon reviews of my work…

“Tim Baker has perfected his taut, no-nonsense dialogue. He can be funny, raunchy and caustic, but he can also take us inside the hearts of his characters. He has the ability to crawl into the skin of diverse characters…from a female killer who hides her emotions behind a tough shell, to a detective who is a loner, but personable in his investigation.”

Living the Dream

Living the Dream – released August 2009

“I just read ‘Living the Dream’ and loved it! I found myself laughing out loud one minute and holding my breath in suspense the next.”

“Tim Baker effortlessly takes the reader from reality to dream-land and back…”



Water HazardWater Hazard – released November 2010

“This is the book responsible for getting me addicted to Tim Baker’s non-stop action. A must read.”

“…rife with non-stop action and riveting suspense.”

No Good Deed

No Good Deed – released November 2012

“A well-paced action adventure complete with mob thugs, a damsel in distress, and the rise of the anti-hero. I just didn’t want to put it down.”

 “Fast paced with great characters. It’s a fun story by an author who really enjoys entertaining his readers.”

BTJ coverBackseat to Justice – released July 2011

“This book doesn’t mess around! It gets right into storytelling mode and the pace doesn’t slow down until about an hour after you’ve finished reading.”

“Backseat to Justice grabbed me at opening. Not only did it grab me, but when I thought it was finished – it exploded from the gate again.”

“After trying out Tim Baker I was very impressed with the fast pace of his writing. I was so impressed I immediately stocked my library with several more of his books.”

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