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Blood in the Water #FREE This Weekend

The 89th Academy Awards Ceremony – that’s the Oscars to you and me – will take place this Sunday and in celebration of this momentous occasion I am making my latest novel Blood in the Water available for FREE download all weekend!


What is the connection between Blood in the Water and the Oscars you ask?

Well, in addition to being the basis for a future Best Picture Winner, it has loads of connections!!!

First, the main character in the story is named Bob Oscarson, but he goes by the nickname Oscar.


Not enough for you?

How about this…in the story there are sharks – and as we all know Jaws (a movie about a shark) won 3 Oscars…Best Sound, Best Film Editing and Best Music. It was also nominated for Best Picture, but lost to One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. (Damn you Jack Nicholson).



The Oscars will be hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy has interviewed Oprah Winfrey on his show, and Oprah once hosted a famous book club – so there’s that. (We won’t get into how she never promoted one of my books…)


Blood in the Water is a novel, and many Oscar winning movies have been based on novels.

Blood in the Water is FREE this weekend (I may have already mentioned that) and you can watch the Oscars for free as well!



As you can see – the connections are numerous (if not tenuous) – so don’t hesitate…get your FREE copy of this future Oscar winning story today! (or tomorrow, or Sunday – but not Monday, that will be too late!)


As always – thank you for reading (and I’d like to thank the academy…)


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Post #SuperBowl Thoughts From a Baseball Fan #NotMyChampion

This won’t take long – I just need to clarify a few things.

Every year,  after the Super Bowl (especially when the New England Patriots are involved), I find myself answering the same questions…sometimes to the same people who asked them the previous year.

This year I have decided to write the answers down, that way when future interrogatories start I can simply direct the questioner to this post.

Warning: If you’re a Patriots fan this post may offend you (even though it shouldn’t). If you don’t like football it will probably not interest you…but then again – it just might.

  • Yes, I’m from Rhode Island…ipso facto New England
  • No, I do not like the New England Patriots
  • Not even a little
  • Ditto for Tom Brady
  • It has absolutely nothing to do with deflate-gate (or any other “gate”)
  • No, I do not believe I need to like, support or respect them just because they are my “home team”
  • Yes, I can acknowledge the fact that, for the time-being, they are a dynasty
  • I believe that, like all teams in all sports, the dynasty will inevitably crumble
  • I look forward to that day
  • I am a Raiders fan, but it isn’t really important to me
  • The reason I am a Raiders fan would probably seem silly to you
  • If I tease you about being a fan of any other team, it is meant in jest – don’t take it personally
  • I watch the Super Bowl, but if I should happen to miss one I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep
  • I don’t give a crap about the commercials either – commercials are commercials
  • Yes, some of them are cute, funny, etc…but they’re still commercials
  • Regardless of the performer, I have never enjoyed the over-produced spectacle at half-time
  • Football, to me, is nothing more than an acceptable way to kill time during the baseball off-season
  • I understand that you may not agree with, or even care about, some, or all of these statements
  • That’s okay – I probably wouldn’t agree with (or care about) some things that you believe in
  • We can still be friends (or siblings, if applicable)

This post is not intended to offend anybody, or start a debate – I posted it strictly in the interest of clarification. I will gladly discuss it with you if you desire, but I won’t argue about it…football just isn’t important enough to me for that.

Is it baseball season yet?

the punch

As always – thank you for reading


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Announcing … that first step towards a print edition!

Susan Toy is taking pre-orders for her upcoming novel “One Woman’s Island”

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It may not seem like much of a step to you, but I did assign an ISBN this morning for a future print edition of my most recent novel, One Woman’s Island! And that’s cause for celebration in my books!

There’s still a lot of prep work to be done on designing and formatting the text, cover – front and back, as well as spine, and the actual printing and delivery … all of which also will cost $$$.

So, in an effort to help me pay for the cost of printing, I’m hoping that all those readers who wanted a print copy will now step forward to place a prepaid order for it before I actually do go to print. (I anticipate those print copies will be ready by May.)

We did this the last time when I printed copies of Island in the Clouds and it worked…

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