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A little bit of Zombie Blasphemy from Armand Rosamilia,,,,


I got into a little argument the other day with someone while I was writing at the Java Joint… I go there every morning, Monday through Friday, grab my reserved seat and plug in the laptop, and write. I love the coffee and the food, and the waitresses and waiter are awesome to chat with, and they love talking me up to customers.

But when I mention I write about zombies, most people immediately ask what my thoughts on this season of The Walking Dead are. I usually put it off and say something dodgy like I haven’t caught up this season yet I’ve been so busy, or I’ll watch the rest in one shot this weekend.

But I probably won’t.

It isn’t like I’m not a fan of the show, because I watched from the first episode of season one and was hooked. I loved it. I…

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Announcing the first “Quasi-Annual Blindogg Books Short Story Contest”!!!

Write a short story and it might be published in my upcoming release Unfinished Business.

Here are the official rules:

v)  Story must be at least 500 words – but no more than 2,500 words.

v ) No Porn, Erotica, Etc…

v)  Content (a winner will be chosen from EACH category)

  • Since Unfinished Business is a novel about dead people…the short story can involve death somehow. It’s up to you how…
  • If you don’t want to write about death, you can write a “fan-fiction” piece involving any of my regular characters in the story /setting of your choice

v)  Entries must be received before midnight, March 8th, 2013

v)  I will pick my five favorites from all entries in the two categories and post them on my blog – fans will then vote for their favorite from those finalists.

v)  Prizes;

  • Winning story from each category will be published in my upcoming novel Unfinished Business and the winning author will receive a free, signed copy of the book.
  • Second and Third place finishers from each category will receive a free, signed copy of Unfinished Business.

v)  In order to enter the contest and/or vote – you must “like” my fan page . If the contestant does not use facebook, they may have the story submitted by a proxy facebook user.

v)  All entries remain the property of the author – however, authors grant me permission to print the stories, along with author’s names, as I see fit for promotional purposes. Winning authors grant permission for their stories to be published in Unfinished Business as well.

v)  Contest is open to everybody, winner will receive no compensation for their story other than the prize listed herein.

v)  All submissions must be the original work of the contestant and may not have been previously published.

Entries must be submitted by email to

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