An Author’s Lament; With Promise of an Upbeat Sequel

My friend Susan Toy (yes, the same one mentioned in the following post) shared this post with me. It is an excellent reminder to every independent author out there that, no matter how futile it may seem at times, the only way to reach your goal, whatever that goal may be, is to keep working.
Working hard and promoting yourself is actually harder than writing the book…but as soon as you stop doing it your book(s) will begin that long, lonely descent into oblivion.
Don’t let that happen.

Betty Jane Hegerat

Someone on the Writers’ Union forum posted a link to this interesting piece into a journalist’s journey into self-publishing yesterday. — from “I Was a Digital Bestseller!  by Tony Horwitz from the NY Times, June 19 2014. Not a lot of resonance for me in the piece because journalism, actually making a living from writing is a different sack of cats from my quest to write fiction that will live on in the annals of Canlit. But this small excerpt from the article lit my fire: “FIVE months ago I published a short book called “Boom.” Commercially it was a bust. No news in that: Most books lose money and are quickly forgotten by all but their wounded authors.”

Absolutely true. Most authors know that their books will not only lose money, but they themselves will subsidize their ephemeral creation. Small regional presses are often described as “not for…

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