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 “ Tim has not let me down, it is very hard to put his books down. I am also a fan of Carl Hiaasen and Tim Dorsey, I find Tim Baker to be approaching their league.”

Pump It Up  Pump It Up – released August 2012

 “His writing style reminds me of Hiassen. I laughed out loud at the bizarre plot turns and characters! Very entertaining reading!”

 “Great read! I loved this book for the quirkiness, humor, and downright bizarre characters in it. I read the entire novel in the course of two days; it was impossible to put down.”

UB cover  Unfinished Business – released June 2013

 “The characters are rich and powerful and believable. It’s a mystery. It’s a drama. It’s a paranormal adventure into that world of emotional light and shadow that haunts many of us mortals and causes us to ponder how we feel about that world beyond the veil.”

“…delivered in concept and talented writing with engaging dialogue. The opening scene does an amazing job evoking emotion, depicting an old man on his death bed. Readers that like a book to get them thinking about the mystery of life and death will enjoy Unfinished Business.”

Eyewitness Blues final cover  Eyewitness Blues – released August 2014

 “It was way too much fun. I just love Tim Baker’s style. Easy to read, full of fun, and unpretentious. I would definitely read more by this guy. If they’re all this fun I might have to read ’em all.”

“Profoundly twisted!! Eyewitness Blues is an unpredictable, action-packed read with characters that will have you dying to help them…and others that you’ll just be hoping will die!”

“Tim is a volatile storyteller with a distinct minimalist, hard-boiled voice and style of writing. He builds plots that, although complex, are as compelling as they are logical.”

10807997_4705964944190_673894021_nPath of a Bullet – A Collection of Short Stories featuring Ike – released November 2014

“Baker does a great job showing the slimy things that slither out from under rocks, until Ike brings his boot down on them with a finality that is satisfying and entertaining.”

“Tim Baker’s ear for punchy narrative runs through this rapid-fire collection. Ike is an enduring character you can’t help but take to, although some of his methods will have you wincing…”

“A newly found favorite, thanks to Twitter! Most of my reading revolves around Demille, Baldacci & Flynn. Tim is right up with them. His books are easy to read & once you get started, you won’t want to put them down.”

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