Is your dog really blind?

My favorite part of book signings and other events is answering people’s questions. I’m basically a shy person and not very good at initiating conversation, so questions open the door nicely for me.

One of the questions I am often asked is “Where does the name Blindogg Books come from?” which is usually followed closely by “Why is it spelled wrong?”

The story begins in 1992, or maybe 1993 (cue the flashback music)…

 At that time I was raising and socializing puppies for Guiding Eyes for the Blind. It was a volunteer thing and I really loved it.Image

Part of socializing potential Guide Dogs is taking them to public places to give them exposure to “real-life” situations.

Many employees at local business became accustomed to seeing me with my puppies, but on one occasion a girl at the register of a local hardware store didn’t know the drill and told me I couldn’t bring my dog into the store. The girl at the next register recognized me and told the new girl “It’s okay, that’s the blind dog guy.”

The blind dog guy—I liked it and decided to shorten it to blind dog for use as my screen name on AOL (remember it was the early 90s) as an homage to my involvement with GEB and, as a bonus, it sounded like a cool blues-guy name (I love the blues).

Of course AOL wouldn’t let me use blind dog because of the space between the words, I tried blinddog, but it was also rejected because (believe it or not) somebody was already using it. My third attempt – blindogg – was available so I took it.

Since then I’ve used blindogg as my official “computer name” and when I released my first novel I decided to use it as my brand name – incorrect spelling and all.

Probably not the most riveting story you’ve ever heard, but it’s all I got. So if you see me at a book signing you won’t have to ask, but please ask something else—it’ll help keep the conversation moving!


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11 responses to “Is your dog really blind?

  1. I enjoyed your background story. Oh, yes, I remember trying to find a name that wasn’t being used.

  2. Well, that misspelling was a lucky break. It catches the eye and immediately sets up a question. At least it did with me. I have my own blind dogg story, but that’s for another day. Thanks for pointing the way to your blogg.

  3. Great story! We love the Stevie Wonder dog logo. My husband is for anything dog related. He like Sirius radio because they have a dog logo. He loves Wallace and Gromit cartoons. I think he likes your stories for the reading, but he loves your tee shirt for the logo.

    • The funny thing about the logo – I doodled it while talking on the phone…and almost threw it away!!! The image I use is a reproduction of that original sketch with only slight digital “clean up”.

  4. Thanks Tim. I never knew the story behind the logo.

  5. eightpawswriting

    My email is eightpawswriting because I have two Aussies! I teamed up with, use them for my research, and donate proceeds from each book to help train more service dogs. In my first story, Seven Days to Goodbye, Sydney has seven days at Edisto Beach, and meets a boy with autism before he is returned and matched to his forever companion. It is now a series and the third book covers PTSD. Great to meet you!

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