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The Shirt Off My Back (sort of)

Being an Independent Author is not as glamorous as you might think. It usually involves working a full-time job and writing as time allows (nights, weekends, whenever). Then – after the books are written there is the extra bonus of spending countless hours promoting them. It’s a non-stop process that must be done if the author expects to sell any books.

As if that weren’t enough we get to pay for editing services, cover design, interior formatting and shipping.

Bottom line…lots of time and money goes out and there’s no guarantee that it will come back.

With that being said I’m going to ask for your help and in the words of the Temptations…I ain’t too proud to beg…

I found a cool website for raising funds by selling tee-shirts.

So I designed a tee-shirt and they are available for ordering – but here’s the thing – I have to get 50 people to order shirts before September 15th or the whole thing goes away.

tee shirt front  tee shirt backIn case you hadn’t guessed, I am asking you to order a tee-shirt (You will not be charged unless I meet my goal).

Any funds raised will go toward the above-mentioned expenses for my next book.

But wait!!! There’s more…

Assuming my campaign is successful and I sell 50 (or more) shirts, not only will you be the owner of a wicked-cool tee-shirt, but I’ll have a contest where people who post pictures on facebook of themselves wearing the shirt will be eligible for prizes (free books).

In case you don’t know Ike…click here

If you are inclined to share this blog I would appreciate it very much – and I am always willing to return the favor.

I truly appreciate you support – whether it’s buying a shirt (or 3) or by simply sharing this blog post and helping spread the word.

To reserve a shirt click here.

As always – thank you for reading


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