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3 #freebooks to Start the New Year On a Positive Note

Happy New Year!

Unless you spent 2016 on Neptune you don’t need me to tell you that it was a year full of bad news.

I’d like to help you forget all of the death and negativity of the past twelve months by giving you three free books.

That’s right…THREE FREE BOOKS!!

Which books you ask?

Here they are – click the title or the cover image to download

Unfinished Business…


Eyewitness Blues…

Book Cover

Full Circle…

Full Circle front cover

The giveaway begins at December 30, 2016 at midnight (Thursday night/Friday morning) and ends at midnight on Jan 3, 2017

Download any or all of them with my compliments – and if, after you read them, you would leave a review on amazon I would greatly appreciate it.

This is just my way of saying Happy New Year! I hope it helps get 2017 started off on a positive note!

Oh…and sometime this weekend I’ll post my year in review – because I know you can’t wait to read it…

As always – thank you for reading


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Happy New Year – FREE Books Here

My last blog post of the year will be very short…and (hopefully) very sweet.

As my way of thanking you for your support, encouragement and friendship over the past year (and beyond as it applies!) I am offering not one…but TWO free kindle downloads until Midnight Sunday!

Did I mention they are both FREE??








Download my first novel Living the Dream

Living the Dream

And the sequel No Good Deed

No Good Deed

Both for FREE!!

Download them, enjoy them, tell your friends to download them, share this post with the world…the more the merrier!!

That’s it…you may now resume normal behavior (whatever that may be).

Have a happy and safe new year!!


As always – thank you for reading


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Happy New Year — It’s Just Another Day

Tomorrow morning we’ll have to change the page on the calendar…again.

We do it every 30 days or so with no fanfare, unless you count paying the mortgage/rent as fanfare – So why is tonight so different?

calendar page

Oh, it’s a new year…that’s right.

Not only are we tearing the page off the calendar, we actually have to replace the calendar with a new one.

I’ve seen a lot of new years come and, inevitably, go…I still find it hard to get excited about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve celebrated quite a few of them (some with a little too much gusto) and I enjoyed myself almost every time, but in all honesty, there hasn’t been one new year’s celebration I’ve attended that lived up to the hype.

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t in the right place.

I’ve never spent New Year’s Eve in Times Square, Paris or any other “A-List” location. It’s quite possible that my issue is with the locale…but I doubt it.

Times Square NYE

I know the problem has never (well, maybe once or twice) been the people I was with. In fact, the friends I’ve celebrated the changing-of-the-page with are the only reason I enjoyed the evening at all.

No, I think the reason I have an innate dislike of this particular holiday is…the hype.

Sure, every holiday in this country has its share of hype, but almost all of the hype surrounding the other holidays is “retail related”. It’s almost always about spending money – despite the best efforts of Madison Avenue to tell us otherwise.

The hype about January 1st is different.

New beginnings, new chances, out with the old and in with the new, better opportunities and most important of all…a better you!!!


That’s all great…but it’s also a pile of fertilizer.

I hate to burst your bubble, but if you’re counting on the new year to bestow awesomeness on your life, get used to disappointment.

I’m not trying to be mean and I’m not trying to tell you that your life has no chance of improvement…on the contrary…I’m trying to tell you that the power to bring on positive change in your life, whether a new job or new body or the promise to be a better human being, is in you all year long.

Maybe that’s why I don’t feel anything significant on December 31st – because when I feel the need for change in my life, regardless of what the calendar says, I make it (or at least try to).

Scrolling through my facebook feed this morning I noticed way-too-many posts about how badly 2013 sucked and how people were counting on 2014 to, in essence, make life better.

My first question is this…Exactly WHEN did you realize that 2013 was sucking for you?

April? July? September?

Certainly, if it was that bad, you realized it before December 31st…so why didn’t you do something about it then?

Please don’t tell me your life was circling the drain in June and your solution was… “I’ll just wait for the new year, that’ll fix it.”

I hate to be a downer on a day geared around parties…but that’s just stupid.

life sucks

Let me sum up…It’s just another day, it’s not a magic spell to improve life – treat it accordingly.

If you choose to celebrate tonight, I hope you have a wonderful time, but when you wake up tomorrow remember, it’s only Wednesday.


As always – thank you for reading


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