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Help Save Moon Doggie Coffee Roasters

Just found this blog post about another fantastic program to help dogs (in this case Bassets)…if you are a coffee drinker (and I know most of you are) please consider helping the puppies!!!

Pam Tanzey, Artist


Duncan Bunkin Punkin Pie is the little song I sang to Duncan when he was a baby. It’s how he got his nickname Bunkie. That’s him in his Movie Star glasses. This is his personal coffee flavor from Moon Doggie Coffee Roasters. You can still order it and even though he’s been gone five years, his flavor will still help to rescue Bassets.

That’s what they do, besides being an outstanding, award winning Micro Coffee Roaster, Bob and Donna Funk help rescue homeless, abused, old and ill Basset Hounds. In fact on their menu page there is a long list of special flavors they’ve created to fund various rescues all across the country.

Due to a recent illness, Donna was in the hospital for two weeks and is home still on disability as she recuperates, they have fallen behind and their store landlord is threatening lock them out.


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