Post #SuperBowl Thoughts From a Baseball Fan #NotMyChampion

This won’t take long – I just need to clarify a few things.

Every year,  after the Super Bowl (especially when the New England Patriots are involved), I find myself answering the same questions…sometimes to the same people who asked them the previous year.

This year I have decided to write the answers down, that way when future interrogatories start I can simply direct the questioner to this post.

Warning: If you’re a Patriots fan this post may offend you (even though it shouldn’t). If you don’t like football it will probably not interest you…but then again – it just might.

  • Yes, I’m from Rhode Island…ipso facto New England
  • No, I do not like the New England Patriots
  • Not even a little
  • Ditto for Tom Brady
  • It has absolutely nothing to do with deflate-gate (or any other “gate”)
  • No, I do not believe I need to like, support or respect them just because they are my “home team”
  • Yes, I can acknowledge the fact that, for the time-being, they are a dynasty
  • I believe that, like all teams in all sports, the dynasty will inevitably crumble
  • I look forward to that day
  • I am a Raiders fan, but it isn’t really important to me
  • The reason I am a Raiders fan would probably seem silly to you
  • If I tease you about being a fan of any other team, it is meant in jest – don’t take it personally
  • I watch the Super Bowl, but if I should happen to miss one I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep
  • I don’t give a crap about the commercials either – commercials are commercials
  • Yes, some of them are cute, funny, etc…but they’re still commercials
  • Regardless of the performer, I have never enjoyed the over-produced spectacle at half-time
  • Football, to me, is nothing more than an acceptable way to kill time during the baseball off-season
  • I understand that you may not agree with, or even care about, some, or all of these statements
  • That’s okay – I probably wouldn’t agree with (or care about) some things that you believe in
  • We can still be friends (or siblings, if applicable)

This post is not intended to offend anybody, or start a debate – I posted it strictly in the interest of clarification. I will gladly discuss it with you if you desire, but I won’t argue about it…football just isn’t important enough to me for that.

Is it baseball season yet?

the punch

As always – thank you for reading


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5 responses to “Post #SuperBowl Thoughts From a Baseball Fan #NotMyChampion

  1. Pitchers and catchers next week.

  2. Mike Cohn

    I love the Raiders. And go Dodgers! 😉



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