Bequia Christmas

So My friend Susan Toy decided to post a short Christmas story of her own in response to my Ike story.
Any other bloggers out there want to swap reblogs of Christmas stories…let’s spread some Holiday cheer!

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I’m posting this Christmas story to meet a challenge from Tim Baker, who already posted his Ike Christmas story this morning (see my reblog of it previous to this post). So here you go, Tim! This is your surprise – that I actually pulled out my manuscript of One Woman’s Island and began rewriting again! I know, I know. Possibly a small Christmas miracle in itself, but still … better than cookies?

This is an excerpt from Chapter 10 of my novel-in-progress. Happy Holidays, everyone!


Bequia Christmas

… in memory of Mariann Palmborg

A day or so after Joan’s departure, I was in the Harbour to replenish food supplies and met Solfrid there again. She was on the run, as usual, but said in passing, “Be sure you are on the main ferry wharf at 2 p.m. on December the sixth, and bring your neighbour’s children along.”

When I…

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  1. Hey! Thanks for reblogging, Tim!

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