…How-To-Get-Yer-Book-Noticed-For-Dummies (and Authors)…

As we see here…selling your book doesn’t have to be rocket surgery.

Seumas Gallacher


…sum’times I read things which are so obvious yeez wonder why everybody misses them (including me!)… I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting online a new pal, the Authoress, Lorraine Holloway-White… her contributions on a wall-post stream about whether or not it’s important for yeez to have a good cover page for yer masterpieces are priceless… with her gracious permission, here’s an extended version of those exchanges in which Lorraine draws the comparison between a good advertisement and a good ‘first-grab’ presentation of yer books…

Courtesy of Lorraine Holloway-White 

The five components of a good ad and how they relate to a book and book cover are :-

First – Attention grabbing headline – book title

Second – Illustration or photo – artwork

Third -Good sub headline – blurb

Fourth -Good body copy – actual story or book content

Last – Details of where to buy it-and/or author’s name

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2 responses to “…How-To-Get-Yer-Book-Noticed-For-Dummies (and Authors)…

  1. Good points, all. Something to keep in mind.

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