Capsule Review of State of Horror: New Jersey

Blog review – State of Horror:New Jersey – One of the stories in this book is mine…but this blooger enjoyed the entire book.


new jersey

The State of Horror series of Charon Coin Press seeks to provide an anthology of horror stories for every state in the USA and has set itself a high bar with the standard of the early instalments. As a contributor to the Illinois and forthcoming Tennessee volumes, I must declare an interest in the series, but not having a piece in this collection, I think I can be objective about New Jersey.

The production quality of State of Horror: New Jersey is good and the contents match that.

The Jersey Devil is, as one might expect, a common theme in the anthology, but the stories in this anthology also include cannibal killers, a natural disaster with a twist, a ghost, bigfoot, a strange fog and horror at the zoo. The stories range from the great punning finale of Pork Roll, Egg and Sleaze, through frighteners to the poignancy…

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4 responses to “Capsule Review of State of Horror: New Jersey

  1. Congratulations on having a story in the anthology. I’ll check it out on Amazon. I love horror stories.

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