…another slant on Authors’ negative reviews… how to handle them…

A reminder from Seumas Gallacher to keep things in perspective when it comes to reviews of your books…

Seumas Gallacher


…there’s been a spate of commentary recently I’ve picked up on, regarding reviews for our WURKS on the Great God Amazon… when an Author or Authoress takes time to scribble a paragraph or more about a review they’ve just received, yeez can bet yer aromatic backside the review has been less than glowing… it’s funny, I s’pose, the longer my own wee masterpieces have been on Amazon, the less concerned I’ve become as to whether there are a gazillion ‘I-gave-it-5-stars-coz-I’m-not-allowed-to-give it-10-stars’ ratings, and focus more on the actual number of reviews that good folks have taken time to contribute… first and foremost, I appreciate the fact that sumb’dy has downloaded my novels at all, whether as a purchase or as part of my occasional Freebie offerings… if yeez didn’t know it already, Amazon counts any downloads in a Freebie Program as ‘sales’, all of which get included in…

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