How Did Libbie get to Publix?

Have you heard the story of Libbie the Lobster?

Libbie the Lobster

Heather Chalmers and I have been so excited by the large number of fans Libbie the Lobster has acquired since our adventure began to liberate Libbie from becoming someone’s dinner feast. People love to talk about the story of her rescue.

I cannot help but smile when I see people’s’  faces light up when they see me and know about I’ve been told this is a great “human interest” story, so I imagine people are thirsty for good news these days. If some happiness can be brought into people’s’ lives in the form of a beautiful yellow lobster now named Libbie, then I’m all for it!

In talking with people about the story I have found that the most frequently asked question about Libbie is this: “How did she (Libbie) end up in a Publix Supermarket if she’s so rare?” I wondered the same thing myself a couple of…

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