The Inspired Mic Recap

The Inspred Mic is a local event allowing area writers to showcase their work each month. I’ve been participating fairly regularly ( ) and it has helped me in many aspects of my work. Fortuantely, Flagler Beach has enough talented people to make this event a perpetual success.
I’m sure I speak for all the participants when I say “Thank you” to founder and organizer Michael Ray King.

Michael Ray King

loglineTuesday night allowed over thirty people to revel in local creativity. Gathered at the BeachHouse Beanery in Flagler Beach, Florida, twelve talented souls placed their work live before an audience eager to hear what creative juices had flowed through their fingers/hearts/minds in the past month. Here’s a quick rundown:

Gi Arena ( delivered a short piece of writing from her blog about a “Manhattan Special” and her desire for a time machine…

Jim Harter brought his poetry to the ocean, but also broke into song a number of times. Jim’s upbeat and heartfelt poetry always aims to entertain, and this evening was no different. His newest book of poetry was just released on June 6th and can be purchased at Heartfelt Thoughts Chapters Eight and Nine.

Tovah Janovsky shared a lifelong love/fear relationship with the ocean with riveting accounts of undertow and serene and beautiful appreciation of the…

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