Reading Recommendations – a wrap-up for 2013

Friend and fellow author Susan Toy is looking for authors to promote on her new blog “Reading Recommendations” – if you would like to be featured, or if you know an author you would like to recommend, follow the instructions in this blog post.
This is a free promotional service and has one simple goal – to promote indie authors.

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It’s been just over a month since I began posting to a new blogsite, Reading Recommendations, where I ask authors to reply to a list of questions, to tell us a bit about themselves and their work, and ask that they in turn recommend an author or book they are reading. I’m very pleased with the response I received from authors – some known to me, some recommended to me, and others who contacted me out of the blue – and have been happy to give all of them some promotion on this site. I thought that, since I was taking a break from this blog over the holiday season, it might be interesting to recap what’s been happening over there on Reading Recommendations, just in case you readers of this main blogsite have not yet gone over there to check it out. I’ve created some handy-dandy lists…

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3 responses to “Reading Recommendations – a wrap-up for 2013

  1. I saw some familiar names there. I shared it. Thanks and hope you have a Happy Healthy, Prosperous New Year

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