Visions of Sugar Plum…Dr Sketchy Style

Ahhh…the holiday season!

Office parties, fruitcakes, Chinese gift exchanges, boring relatives and of course…shopping.

office party

Admit it…even though you wear your reindeer antlers or your Grinch tie while you smile and wish everybody a Merry Christmas (or whatever seasonal platitude you choose), what you really want is something different.

Something unique…naughty even.

Well, Timmy-Clause has the perfect suggestion.

An evening of fun, art and debauchery that you can’t tell your parents (or your children) about!

Come to the Jacksonville, FL chapter of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School to see The Sugar Plum Fairy AFTER DARK!

sugar plum

             Think of a cross between a burlesque show, a stand-up comedy show and an art class where artists of all skill levels sketch beautiful models in various stages of undress. There are contests with prizes donated by local and international sponsors too.  There may even be live music.

…and there’s drinking!

So – what is an evening like this worth?

How about $10 if you want to participate in the sketching and $12 if you just want to watch (hey – I’m not judging).

Where and when does all this wickedness happen?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 from 7pm-10pm at the Cuba Libre Bar, 2578 Atlantic Blvd. Jacksonville.

There are two full bars with themed drink specials, a full dinner menu until 9pm, and smoking on the patio.

In other woJax chapterrds…the full monty!


Okay – who (or what) is Dr. Sketchy?

Dr Sketchy's

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is sort of an underground movement to take some of the snobbery out of art. It’s the low art class you never knew you needed.

It was originally founded in New York City but has branches all over the world.

Check out the Jacksonville chapter here.


For more information contact the spokesperson for the Jax chapter of Dr. Sketchy’s…

Iphelia Johnson, Esq. through the Dr. Sketchy’s facebook or by email at

 Side effectDr Sketchys 2s may include: Sore muscles from laughing and/or drawing…Eye strain from ogling…The appearance of small prizes in pockets or purses and/or the urge to come back the following month for a new fix.  Check with your doctor to be sure you are healthy enough for this much fun.

As always – thank you for reading

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