Spotlight On: Susan M. Toy

Susan Toy is not only a friend of mine, but she is a proud member of Team Ike and a regular listener of Friday Night Writes – the weekly radio show I host with Armand Rosamilia.


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What is your latest release and what genre is it?

“Island in the Clouds” is what I refer to as “tropical fiction” – it’s a mystery set in the, well, tropical location of Bequia, a small island in the Caribbean


Quick description of it.

The dead body in the pool is putting a serious dent in Geoff’s morning. An ex-pat property manager on the Caribbeanisland of Bequia, Geoff doesn’t want a spotlight shone on the secret past he left behind in Canada, but now he’s the suspect in a brutal murder. With no help from the inept local police force, he’s drawn into investigating the murder himself, to clear his name. As Geoff finds out more about the circumstances surrounding the killing, and he and his loved ones find themselves in danger, he begins to see a very dark underbelly of the place some…

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