“Dying Days: Siege 2” Hits the Shelves (or: Will the Dying Ever End?)

Remember when the world was going to end last December?

Thankfully it didn’t…because on that very night Armand Rosamilia and I held a book release party at Farley’s Irish Pub for our collaborative effort Dying Days: The Siege of European Village. (not coincidentally – Farley’s happens to be in European Village)


It was a great party…probably the best party ever thrown (if you missed it, you have no way of knowing if that’s true or not!) and we sold 50 books in about 2 hours.

Talk about “Writer’s Problems” – I sold out of books at my signing so I had to take people’s names and email addresses so I could let them know when I would have more.

Yeah – nice problem to have!

This year, the world isn’t scheduled to end (at least not that we know of), but Armand and I will be having another release party – this time for the sequel to Siege.

We haven’t planned the party yet, but the book is available.

We went round and round about a title…Armand was really pushing for Dying Days: The Siege of European Village II – Electric Bugaloo  while I was pushing for Dying Days & Wild Summer Nights: The Siege Continues – but we decided to go with something completely unique and trend setting…

Dying Days: Siege 2.

Cover DDEV2

In case you missed my blog post about the sequel you can jump over and read it now by clicking here…go ahead, we’ll wait.

Much like the first one, we had a blast writing it (read about the first one here) and much like the first one we used the names of several of our friends here in Flagler County as victims…I mean characters.

If you didn’t read the first one you can find the kindle version here  (it’s on sale for $.99!!!) and the print version here.

The kindle version of Siege 2 is available here – Dying Days: Siege 2

The print version is available here.

This is my second zombie novella – and I must say, it was fun.

My regular readers will be pleased to know that Ike and Brewski are just as good at kicking undead ass as they are that of living scumbags!

So maybe it’s snowing where you are, or there’s nothing good on TV tonight…download these two books, grab a beverage, kick back and take a trip to European Village…just be careful not to trip on the corpses.

As always – thank you for reading


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8 responses to ““Dying Days: Siege 2” Hits the Shelves (or: Will the Dying Ever End?)

  1. I’ll be purchasing it tonight

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  3. Since I am a little behind on the series, I put both books on my Christmas Gift list. Well, if I don’t get it from Santa this year, I will be purchasing them the day after. I am looking forward to diving into the stories. I have become a fan of the Dying Days world and eagerly reading all that I can get my hands on these days.

    Good luck on the release party. Have a drink for me.


  4. Reblogged this on Our Darkest Fears and commented:
    Go and get caught up on the carnage from Armand Rosamilia and Tim Baker before it’s too late! Plenty of new books in the series are being released this month and after Thanksgiving, there will be a “Dying Days” anthology being unveiled. I got my chance to take a spin through the undead world and kill some stuff (some of them in costumes even). For those who need gift ideas, books are great to give either in neatly wrapped packages or you can cram them down into somebody’s stockings.

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  7. Oh, goody. A zombie book. Just ordered the first one on Kindle.

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