Friday Night Advice Straight From Jersey

My buddy Armand Rosamilia introduced me (via Skype) to some real cut-ups from New Jersey a while ago. They have a podcast called Books, Beer and Bullshit where they talk about…yeah – you guessed it…Anyway – they had Armand and I on their show once and we had a blast.

In addition to their podcast – they also have a blog called (get ready) Books, Beer and BlogBullshit.

books beer bullshit

On their most recent blog post, Blogger Frank (a guy who admittedly has no life) discusses how much fun it can be to tune in to Surf 17 on Friday nights and hang out with Armand, Becky and me

surf 17 banner

Click here to see the blog – and you can even go through their older stuff and hear the episode where Mando and I shoot the shit with them.

As always – thank you for reading

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One response to “Friday Night Advice Straight From Jersey

  1. Thanks for the accolades Tim! Looking forward to tuning in to tonight’s radio show trifecta!

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