Time is Running Out – Ike Needs Your Help

In case you missed it, I found a fund-raising site which allowed me to create tee-shirts to sell where I wouldn’t have to put any money up-front. Once I designed the shirt the site tells me how much they will charge me for it and allows me to set a retail price.

I also had to select a goal as far as how many shirts I wanted to sell (as a minimum) and how long I wanted them to be available.

I selected 50 as my goal and I made it a 23 day campaign.

At the end of 23 days, if there have been 50 orders for shirts, they will be printed, shipped and I will get paid (approximately $3 per shirt based on the price I selected).

If there aren’t 50 orders, the campaign is closed, nobody pays anything, no shirts are printed and I get no money.

Ike shirt frontThe goal of this campaign is to help off-set the costs of putting out a book.

If I sell 50 shirts I would make enough money to have the cover designed, with a little left over to buy envelopes in which to ship books. It wouldn’t even put a dent in editing, formatting and interior layout costs.

At the time of this writing there have been 44 orders for shirts – with 5 days left in the campaign.

I need 6 more orders before Sunday (Sept 15) to have a successful campaign.

So what is your incentive to buy one of my shirts?Ike shirt back

Here’s the deal – if you buy a shirt then post a picture of yourself on facebook wearing it (tagging me and yourself in the picture) – I will send you a free, signed copy of any one of my books (one book per customer).

So it works out fairly well – you pay $13.50 for the shirt and you get a free book on top of it – I think it’s a pretty good deal.

You can order your shirt here – credit cards and PayPal are accepted.

And for those of you who don’t know who Ike is – click here for some background – or you can click here.

I truly appreciate your support.


As always – thank you for reading

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  1. Only three more to sell!!!! Come on, people! Where are the 3 we need to buy these shirts so I can get the one I ordered?????

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