Authors I’m Promoting – the first 5

My friend Susan talks about five authors (one of whom is me) she is promoting. Please read, share and pass it on. I will be writing a similar blog later this week where I choose five authors to promote. Thank you Susan and thank you readers!!

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Last week I wrote an impassioned blog post pleading with all writers to get over themselves. In Dear Writer … it’s not all about you, ya know!, I suggested that promoting yourself is not what is going to get you and your books ahead, but finding others to spread the word-of-mouth message will.

So today’s post fulfills my promise for the “what goes around” part of the Karma circle, and I am listing here Five Authors whose work I will be promoting for the next while. Readers, please do consider reading books written by these authors I suggest. They’re all great writers and I’m sure you’ll enjoy any – and, I hope, many! – of their books. If you’ve never heard of these writers before (only one is a brand-spanking-newly published author) then you are in for a treat!

Blue GuitarAnn Ireland
Ann won the Seal First Novel Award for

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  1. Thanks for passing on the author love, Tim! Wouldn’t it be great if we could convince all writers/authors to do the same?

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