Yankee Go Home

Once again I am going to take a step away from my usual blog topics and vent about something that is really beginning to get on my nerves…

The use of “performance enhancing drugs” (PEDs) in baseball.

Even if you aren’t a baseball fan you’ve undoubtedly heard the news reports lately, most of them centering around Yankee third-baseman Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez and the use of PEDs distributed by a Miami clinic called Biogenesis.

Even if I weren’t a Red Sox fan (and therefore pre-disposed to hate anything “Yankee”) I would be just as pissed at the fact that these guys cheated while being paid millions to play the game that I love.

A-Rod has long been touted as the second-coming of Babe Ruth or Mickey Mantle. Many believe he is (or was) the best player to ever play the game (I disagree, but that’s neither here nor there). He is definitely the highest paid – in 2007 he signed a 10-year, $275 million contract with the Yankees.

Sadly, since he joined the Yankees in 2004 his statistics (that by which everything is measured in baseball) have not proven that he is worth the money he is paid.

Now he is at ground zero of the latest baseball-steroid scandal and this one seems to be having some serious fallout…unlike the previous one involving Barry Bonds et al.

Today (August 5, 2013) Major League Baseball (MLB) will announce suspensions of 13 players, including Rodriguez. The other 12 players are taking their suspensions and going home. While I don’t condone the fact that they essentially cheated, I do have a modicum of respect for them for taking their punishment like “men”.

Rodriguez, on the other hand, plans on appealing his suspension, which means he can still play while the appeal is under way and – most important to him – he will continue getting paid.

This is where my lack of respect for him goes off the chart…

He cheated…he got caught…and yet he’s going to play the “I didn’t do it” card???

the punchMLB offered him a deal…he could be suspended for the remainder of this season and all of next season – OR – he could be banned from baseball for life (a la Pete Rose, Shoeless Joe Jackson, etc).

He rejected the deal.

Now, I’m no legal expert but, I have to think that if MLB believes they have enough evidence to ban you for life…your appeal is going to worth exactly bupkus.

This isn’t a game of “He Said – She Said”…this is Major League Baseball and an army of lawyers who are not about to waste time or money on a bluff.


Maybe my dislike of him is coloring my interpretation of the situation, but it seems to me that he is concerned with nothing but his money (if he is suspended, it is without pay and if he is banned he loses all future earnings).

So far in his career (which began in 1996) he has made an estimated $400 million.

Yet he wants to keep playing and getting paid…as if he hasn’t made enough money yet.

Fans hate him, MLB wants to be rid of him and even his own team doesn’t want him back…but he is determined to hold his breath until he gets his way.

I didn't do it

What an asshole.


Take the suspension, you moron. You might lose a year-and-a-half’s salary…but at least you can come back and play (if anybody wants you) and you won’t be prohibited from election into the Hall of Fame (which probably won’t happen anyway, given all this crap).

Stop whining and take your lumps, Alex…because as Jimmy Dugan said…

“There’s no crying in baseball.”


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4 responses to “Yankee Go Home

  1. Tim, even if they ban him for life, his cheating has brought him great financial reward. His records remain; his bank account is flush. He does not need to swing another bat. He’ll never enjoy the inside of the Hall, but that would only hurt if he cared about the game of baseball. Small price, in his world.

  2. Very true, which makes the whole thing even more sad.

  3. I totally agree. My main gripe is that these guys are seen by young people as ‘heroes.’ They are arrogant, pompous egomaniacs who are so full of self-love that they can no longer see the reality of their situations. They have been pampered and doted on and treated like rock stars for so long that they truly do believe they are above reproach. They have tarnished the beauty of the game for a lot of us. Some of my fondest memories are of listening to late-night ballgames on an AM station on an old Crosby radio deep in the night with my paternal grandfather who taught me everything I know about baseball — and, I know a lot. I am saddened by what’s going on right now. I hate to sound like the old broad that I am, but I certainly do miss the old days when there was nothing but pure talent to admire and appreciate. This is a sad day in baseball for all of us true fans.

  4. Brian Townsend

    I don’t have children but I can assure you I would do everything in my parenting power to not let them view athletes as heros. Appreiated as sportsmen but never heros.

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