Ike Strikes Again

In our last discussion we talked about the legend of Ike. Those of you who missed it can catch up here—go ahead, we’ll wait…

Dead People

In my humble opinion, Ike is a great character. He isn’t perfect, but he is more good than bad—much more. I guess the technical term is anti-hero.

It’s not uncommon for him to break a few rules, and maybe a kneecap or two, but when the story ends the balance of the universe has been restored.

But I’m not here to repeat the last post (once again – read it here) I’m here because, for the second time, Ike’s reputation has landed him a role in somebody else’s story (you can read the first time here).

So what is Ike up to now?

Well, it all begins in a real life café called Kokomo’s, located here in Flagler Beach. Kokomo’s is a quaint, family-run café a block from the ocean. It’s the kind of place where you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door. My friend, and fellow author, Armand Rosamilia spends his days there writing, drinking coffee and eating a wide variety of great food, usually served on a cinnamon-raisin bagel.

Armand’s zombie/horror stories are, like my novels, also set in Flagler Beach.

He’s been writing in Kokomo’s for several months now and, as a writer, he also spends a lot of time people-watching (it’s what we writers do). Not too long ago he had a great idea—writing fictionalized stories about his days in Kokomo’s, using real-life customers as a basis for his fictional ones.

Not only did I love the concept, I was thrilled when he asked me if he could feature Ike in one of his installments—since Ike is such a larger-than-life, albeit fictional, character here in Flagler Beach.

Flagler Fiction

He let me read the story and I must say he pretty much nailed it. His writing style is close enough to mine, and he has read all of my books, so he was able to capture the essence of Ike quite nicely. A writer’s characters are like his/her children, so you can imagine the leap of faith required to “loan” a character to another writer.

Armand justified my faith.

In Armand’s story, a young girl is trying to escape an abusive boyfriend. Who better to rescue her? It’s a perfect scenario for Ike—and Ike doesn’t disappoint.

The story, along with the entire Flagler Beach Fiction Series, will be available on Amazon for only 99 cents each. Here is a link to the Ike story and here is a link to the facebook page where you can find information on the rest of the series.

Armand’s plan is to write ten installments at Kokomo’s and then move to a different local establishment and write ten more, then to another locale and so on. And since the stories all take place in Flagler Beach some of the characters will make repeat appearances—so it’s possible that Ike will return (as if he could be restrained!).

So please check out Armand’s Flagler Beach Fiction Series – if for no other reason than to witness the growth of a legend.

As always – Thank you for reading.


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  2. Loved the Kokomo’s Cafe Ike story and I just plain love Ike!

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