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Recently, I co-authored a book with thriller writer Tim Baker, putting several of his characters from his books into the Dying Days zombie world with Darlene Bobich and John Murphy. Since Tim writes about the same area I do (Flagler Beach/Palm Coast/St. Augustine Florida) it was a perfect and easy way to get our work combined and tell a fun story, and hopefully garner new fans for each of us. The novella is Dying Days: The Siege of European Village.

euro d2 copy

Combining characters also got me thinking about my own work. With so many characters in my Dying Days world, some are bound to cross over from story to story, and I’ve done that. But I wondered how other characters in other stories might fare if set in the Dying Days world. I’m going to find out.

First, and easiest, I added a cameo of Randy (Highway To Hell

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