You had to ask…

Last week Armand Rosamilia and I had a book signing at a local bistro and it was a great success. For two solid hours we spoke with readers, met some new ones and generally had a great time.

I really enjoy talking to readers (both new and old). I enjoy answering their questions and I’m always happy to get feedback on my books (good, bad or indifferent – it all matters).

There is one question, however, that becomes more difficult to answer each time I release a new book. It happened several times during the evening for both Armand and me; a new reader would stand at the table trying to decide which book to buy. They pick them up, check out the cover then turn it over and read the synopsis on the back, then look at the cover again – comparing one to the next – then ask the question…

“Which one should I get?” or “Where should I start?” or the worse form of all…”Which is your favorite?”

Naturally my first response is “All of them!”, but that rarely works out the way I wish it would.

After we stop laughing I look down at my five novels, all of which I love dearly, and try to figure out how to answer the question. It’s sort of like a parent being asked to choose a favorite child.

I am intimately familiar with all of my “kids” – I know their strengths and for the most part, their weaknesses. I also know how much of myself is in each and every one of them and therein lies the rub…

How can I possibly choose a favorite?






I know it’s not Sophie’s Choice…but it’s nearly impossible for me.

I don’t know exactly how many times I was put in the situation at the signing, but each time I gave a different answer. I suggested to one woman that she start at the beginning with “Living the Dream”. I advised one man to start with “Water Hazard” because it had a nice fast story line. One lady was looking for something to read on her upcoming cruise, I recommended “Pump It Up” – for no other reason than I had more copies of it than any of the others.

I suppose this whole thing falls under the heading of a “nice problem to have” – and truth be told, I hope it gets worse!

Just to let you in on a little secret…I do have a favorite, but like my mother (she, the mother of 7 children) I’ll never admit which one it is!

But please feel free to keep asking.

As always – thank you for reading.

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One response to “You had to ask…

  1. I can understand why this is such a difficult question, Tim. I get a few questions from readers from time to time, that don’t have simple answers such as: “Do you guarantee I will enjoy this book?” “Does it have a lot of violence?” (This on a graphic war book)
    Your book and Armand’s are excellent at entertaining. So I suggest you have some answers set up for those readers because I see many book signings in your future.

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