What’s Your Genre?

I don’t have any statistical data to support this, but I imagine the question authors hear the most when they meet somebody new is “What sort of books do you write?”

It may be in different forms, I’ve heard it asked many ways, but it’s always there.

My friend and fellow author Armand Rosamilia has an easy time with it… “Horror/Zombie” usually works for him. Of course he can always elaborate, and he usually does, but at least he can answer the question quickly and easily.


I, on the other hand, struggle with it—my answer usually goes something like this…”Well, they’re sort of off-beat, crime, suspense thrillers…but not like mysteries…and they tend to have some unusual plots and some pretty unconventional characters. There’s usually some humor involved, but they aren’t comedies.”

My books, at least in my opinion, don’t fit neatly into any one category. Obviously, they’re fiction—but after that it’s anybody’s guess.

There is always crime involved, but the police are never the ones who handle it and it’s not really a mystery. With my books you won’t have to pay attention for minute clues only to be pissed-off at the end by the insertion of new evidence you couldn’t possibly have deduced.


Elements of suspense are often present, but not the “creeping into the dark basement with a flashlight” type.

Likewise with thrills…it isn’t unusual to find a thrilling scene or two, but my books don’t belong on the shelf with those of my Canadian friend Russell Brooks.

People being what they are, you will find a relationship sprouting in my books, but don’t make the mistake of thinking I write chick-lit or romance novels. Nor are there any spicy bedroom scenes or whips and chains.

They aren’t espionage books, courtroom dramas, vampire stories and there isn’t a single elf or wizard in any of them.

As you can tell – I’ve put a lot of thought into this—to no avail. I suppose I could change my style to fit a pre-made category, but that just wouldn’t be me. I never did like being pigeon-holed – so it looks like I’ll have to keep struggling with my answer until my books are so wildly famous that no explanation is needed.

In the meantime – I will be glad to hear any advice, suggestions or comments about “my genre” from those of you who have read my stuff.

And for those of you who are yet to have the pleasure—you know who you are—I invite you to read a book or two and see if you can offer any insight.

As always – thank you for reading.


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  1. Unfortunately, I could totally relate 😉

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