How You can Save the Economy

It’s no secret the economy is in tough shape these days – and there’s no shortage of blame being assessed. There’s also no shortage of people with solutions for the problem.

Raise taxes, lower taxes, tax the poor, eat the rich…

The funny thing is that the solution is simpler than you can imagine.

All you have to do is buy this book…

You can “Pump Up” the economy

Hard to believe, isn’t it? I know…but it’s really that easy.

Allow me to explain.

Every time somebody buys a copy of Pump It Up it puts a few dollars in my pocket. According to my mother – money burns a hole in my pocket, so that means I’ll be spending that money.

You never know what I’ll spend it on; it could be something as seemingly trivial as a nice Sunday morning breakfast on the ocean. Since I hate eating alone I would bring some friends. This means the local diner gets more business, and if I sell enough books I bring more friends.

If I bring enough friends the diner may have to hire an extra server and maybe a bus-person. That creates two jobs right there.

Maybe the server is a mother, now she needs child care while she’s working so she hires a nanny.

The nanny’s increased income is just the amount she needed to buy a new car, which puts some extra cash in the pocket of the salesman, while the bus-person now has added income for his/her college fund.

The car salesman puts his extra cash toward a new condo and when the bus-kid goes to college he rents an off-campus apartment.

The person who sold the condo to the salesman invests the proceeds of the sale in a growing company and the owner of the apartment building hires a painting company to give the building a new look.

When the stock of the company goes up, they expand – eventually becoming a major employer with hundreds, maybe even thousands of employees. The bus-kid goes to college and with his high-quality education goes on to create a world-changing technological device akin to the wheel, the computer or the sleep-number mattress.

And so it goes…the economy grows and expands until all of a sudden our budget is balanced, our debt to China is paid and we’ve paid Justin Bieber to stop performing.

All because you bought my book.

So go ahead, click the book cover above and order your copy. You’ll get the enjoyment of a pretty decent story and at the same time you’ll be saving the country from economic ruin.

I thank you and an entire nation thanks you.


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4 responses to “How You can Save the Economy

  1. This all seems very logical to me.

  2. Wonderful, really. Tim, you’re a genius.

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